Participation and Use of Media – Creativity, Competence, Ethics

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Media for Man – this formulation clearly shows the view of the modern media world that guides the authors of this volume. The media are for people, not people for the media. It is a simple concept to express, but a challenging one to put into practice. Evolving communication technology often makes people feel like objects rather than subjects of media interactions. However, the same technology is the result of human capabilities and can serve man in his individual and social development. The title Media for Man refers to man as the subject of media communication. At the same time, it does not indicate that the authors have a negative attitude towards the media, on the contrary, it is an affirmation of the person in the media world. We see the dangers, and we see the benefits as well.

Participation and Use of Media – Creativity, Competence, Ethics – this subtitle indicates that we are interested in a person who plays different roles in the media reality. One who receives the media, participates in it, co-creates it. It is the person who can be creative, competent. (…)

In this volume, we present to our readers the result of a scientific reflection on the mediosphere and its object-technological richness, a reflection that places man in his rationality and freedom at the center.


Omówienie książki - dr hab. Katarzyna Drąg