Monika Jabłońska

Monika Jablonska – author, lecturer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She graduated from Kardynal Stefan Wyszynski University, School of Law in Warsaw, Poland.  She also holds a Master Degree in Law from Fordham University School of Law, LL.M in International Business and Trade, New York, USA. Additionally, she earned her Master Degree in the Literature from Kardynal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland as well. Having a student scholarship, she made a research about the literature of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) in Rome, Italy.  Currently, Ms. Jablonska is a PhD candidate in Business and Law.      
Ms. Jablonska is also very active philanthropist. She is working with close collaboration with the United Nations WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger and local organizations that are effectively working to end child hunger around the world (USA, Brazil and Europe).  
In 2012, she started her own Foundation called: World Nurture Foundation, non-profit organization dedicated to end world hunger. The Foundation was started to supplement the efforts of our retail partner, Nurture the World, to raise valuable funds and support for the United Nations World Food Programme's Centre of Excellence against Hunger school feeding programme.  
Monika Jablonska is also the President/CEO of Nurture the World which is a social, and a global (involving the US, Brazil and Europe) for-profit organization founded with the mission of making and selling quality products that nurture the world. A portion of proceeds from each products sold is donated to worldwide known and respectful humanitarian agencies (such as UN WFP, Acao da Cidadania, PCK and others) that are helping to feed hungry children at schools around the world.  
Monika Jablonska is also a lecturer. She is giving lectures about business, philanthropy, Nurture the World and other related subjects at the most leading Universities, Business Clubs and other places around the world.   
Monika is an author as well. Her first book about the literature of John Paul II was released in Brazil in May 2014. The book is expected to be published in other countries as well.